Cheap pool heater for Intex easyset pool?

What Type of Above Ground Pool Heater Should You Choose? Cheap pool heater for Intex easyset pool?I have an intex easyset pool. I have it in a bit of a shady area. I’m looking for a way to heat it for under $ 100. Soes intex make special heaters for these varieties of pools, or do i have do make my own? and if i have to make my own, how?————————————————————————————————————————————-Further details: don’t say purchase a solar cover, since we already have one and it barely works.Greatest answer:Answer by johnny3hWhen the pool is not in use, CONTINUE to use the Solar Cover to Aid RETAIN heat in the pool water.
As for heating it, here is a low cost way my brother utilised many years ago in the Arlington, Texas region. Depending on the weather, it allowed him to add a month or two to BOTH ends of the swimming season.
First, you do a LOT of scavanging/salvaging from the curbside discard piles seen while driving around.
“Rescue” as many discarded garden WATER HOSES as probable, Two or 3 dozen would be best. Considering that you will not be exposing the hoses to high water pressure any leaks [and there will be leaks in discarded hoses] can be “patched” using Duct Tape, or Electrician’s Tape.
In case some of the hoses are missing the couplings at the ends, you can also scrounge up and/or get some THIN WALLED tubing [PVC, EMT (electro-metallic conduit), copper, etc.] to insert in the bare hose ends and secure with tiny “worm-drive” hose clamps [like are utilized to secure automotive heater hoses].
Then pick a relatively flat open location near the pool that gets direct sunlight most of the day, and COIL the hoses into SINGLE LAYER “disks” with NO OVERLAPPING. Connect all the hose disks in series [each and every to the next and then the next] and tap into the pool circulation pump so that ONLY SOME of the circulating pool water goes through the “battery” of single layer coiled hoses.
If you don’t want to tap into the pool circulating program you can buy a small [but created for CONTINUOUS DUTY] water pump that operates on household ac electric present. You do not need a high rate of water flow, slow will work fine, and the sunlight will heat the hoses which will heat the water and thus the pool.
Circulate pool water through the hose collector program in the course of the time the hoses are in DIRECT sunlight, BUT… when the collector battery is not obtaining direct sunlight, turn off the pump [or valve to the hoses closed if using the pool circulation pump] simply because when the collector is not obtaining enough sunlight but pool water is becoming circulated, the hose collector battery will work exactly in reverse, acting as a radiator and cooling the pool water!
The a lot more “collector” region [feet of hose], the greater the absorbtion of solar energy [heat].